About Us

  • We believe by building a solid foundation of cognitive and social-emotional skills will allow our children to be more self-confident, able to handle stress in healthy ways, persist and solve problems, both independently and collaboratively in groups.


Activities in all age groups are based on the most up to date practices recognized by experts in the field of early childhood education. Our staff has access to publications and training classes/conferences on the latest development available. Teachers prepare lesson plans weekly. As a center, we use the Creative Curriculum as the foundation to our lesson plans.

We assure that when developing lesson plans, we include areas such as:

  • 1.

    Building social-emotional skills

    Regulation emotions and behaviors, establishing and sustaining positive relations, participating cooperatively and constructively as a member of the group, and developing positive approaches.

  • 2.

    Building language and literacy skills

    Vocabulary and language, sounds and rhythms of language, books and stories, and writing.

  • 3.


    Number concepts, patterns and relationships, geometry and spatial relationships, and sorting and classifying.

  • 4.


    Physical Science - physical properties of objects and materials, and Life Science - natual world of living things, including both plants and animals.

Our Philosophy

Little Explorers Learning Center believes that the care of your child is the single most essential planning when you work outside the home. Through daily interactions with the children, our wonderful trained and caring staff can positively influence your child’s education and personal growth. We strive to meet the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of each individual child in a caring and supportive atmosphere.



  • My two kids attend this amazing kid’s facility and they totally love everything about it! The teachers are really great, location is awesome and my kids learn new things every day and I see how they progress. They want to go there even on a weekend. 10 out of 10!

    Maria Babina

  • Amazing facility!!! Run, owned and operated by experienced child care professionals that truly care about the education and care of their students. Excellent daycare!

    Luis Pagan

  • "My children first started attending Little Explorers at ages 2 & 3. Before then, I stayed home with them. My son (2) had separation anxiety issues and I think the center dealt with it with incredible patience and understanding. He now gets himself ready in the morning, excited to get to school! They come home with wonderful projects and my daughter is already very advanced in reading and writing. I really like the diversity of the students as well which can be difficult to find in other preschools."

    Adriana Buitrago